TweetReach: Tweet Responsibly

TweetReach is a great tool for the budding tweeter to the big business looking to maximize exposure.

What is TweetReach?

TweetReach is a free service provided by Union Metrics, a social media statistics company based out of San Francisco.

How can you use TweetReach to increase impact and exposure of your Twitter account?

There are several ways to use TweetReach, I will highlight two in this blog post.

1) Using TweetReach to find which key words to use in your tweets:

Buy searching a word (let’s try Thursday) to find how many potential accounts you can expose your message to, by comparing how many other users are tagging the word. This can help find the right words to strategically tag; that are popular and searched by Twitter users. Remember, timing is key: Tagging words that are relevant, even to the minute, can increase your exposure in searches.

2) Using TweetReach to find a “branding phrase” for your social media campaign:

By searching your choice campaign tags, you can uncover if others are using it or not. The reason why you may want a “unique tag” is for the sake of tracking how many accounts were exposed to your message. This also allows for your audience to tag their posts with your unique branding. The only trouble with unique tags is that your target audience has to be aware, so that they can seek out your tweet or are inspired to use it themselves. By pulling weekly reports on TweetReach, you can track the trends of your Twitter campaign. Making it easier to prepare for those pesky campaign meetings! (See example below.)

Give it a try, it is free to use as many times as you like. Just make sure to do reporting weekly, because you do have to pay to track anything farther out.
Here is the link to use TweetReach:


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